Bilmuri - Goblin Hours

Bilmuri - Goblin Hours

Bilmuri is many things when it comes to being a creative engineer with a cup that overflows with individuality. He’s weird, undeniably unique, and unconventional when it comes to his album art and bizarre song titles. Bilmuri, or Johnny Franck, is one of a kind. He’s probably the only artist that cares the least about recognition in his sound, the seriousness of music, and nonetheless, the fame that comes with being a vocalist and producer. This guy doesn’t give a shit about anything. All fun and games here. Goblin Hours debuted October 14th and here’s what we have to say about this indie, pop album. 

The album starts off with Corn-Fed Yetis ft. Knox. Lyrically, the saddest Bilmuri song I’ve ever heard in my life. It’s catchy and that little break down freaking slaps. “Send me away to the infinite stars, somewhere I never existed.” Ugh. Punch me in the freaking gut. The album takes a bit of a softer, melodic curve after the second song, “The Void Approachable” Ft. Summer Hoop. Those fun surprise breakdowns go away sadly and begin to focus vocally rather than creatively and instrumentally.

I think we can all agree when I say Bilmuri is rhythmically predictable. He follows a formula in which he’s created and well, we’re here for it. He definitely has that “feel good” sound and Goblin Hours showcases that. Though the album is more poppy and mainstream, it’s groovy enough to uplift you even on the hardest of days. I can admit Franck is an underrated digitally expressive artist and I’m ok with his underground sadness stabbing me in the heart strings. 

Check out Goblin Hours and let us know what you think!

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