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It's All Happening


At just about every show I’ve been to over the last six months, there has been a recurring theme of gratitude beaming from the stage. Hearing “We are so happy we can finally be here with you tonight” expelling from the PA in multiple cities. Huge smiles smeared across the faces of these musicians that have been stuck in a strange place of suddenly not having any work and losing their ability to share their craft with the world that has missed it dearly. “I had to get a real job back home, which COVID caused me to end up losing anyway” is never something you should hear from an artist whose job for the decade has been creating and performing. 

Three years ago, concert-goers were buying tickets for shows that finally happened like, this week, dude. That’s crazy! All the rescheduling, the cancellations, the “refunds,” and tour lineup changes has been a wild ride, but SHOWS ARE BACK AND IN FULL FORCE. It seems like every week, there is a new tour poster all over the Instagram pages of wildly popular and amazing artists; so much so that I had to make an excel sheet to merge into my calendar with how many shows I’ve bought tickets to for this year. Is it a bit overwhelming to see so much happening all at once? Yes. Is it exciting? HELL YES! Festival fever is plaguing the world and it seems to be such a huge opportunity for crowds to experience a part of their life that was absent for a good while. It is great for the venues that were just scraping by, and for the local bands that play at them as well. Living in West Texas though is a bit of an issue. I’ve asked some friends how they feel about every band in the world touring right now, and the sentiment has been, “That’s really awesome, but so many people have been screwed around with work, and most of the shows are so far, so how do we afford the tickets, the travel, the time off, and the sick merch? Can’t really just get up and go four hundred miles away on a whim.” Heck, I haven’t been able to give away extra tickets FOR FREE due to those reasons.

I don’t imagine that the concert world will slow down anytime soon. If you missed your favorite band’s show recently, don’t worry, they’ll be back around soon! And if they’re not then write me a strongly worded letter calling me a liar. I’ll just have pre-written reply letters ready to go with a big, fat, “MYYY BAAAAAAADDDD” across the page. Regardless of the style of music you’re into, I’ll bet you that a handful of your favorite artists are touring this year. What show or festival are you looking forward to most this year? Let us know in the comments below!! Have fun and don’t put yourself or others in harm’s way. 


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