Matt Rubio - Soul Confinement Records

Matt Rubio - Soul Confinement Records

Interview no. 1 with Matt Rubio, founder of Soul Confinement Records



Matt Rubio 

Soul Confinement Records


When was Soul Confinement founded? 

Soul Confinement was founded in 2020. I am a sole owner and producer engineer and Erik Ponce is a contributor. 


Why did you decide to create Soul Confinement?

I was tired of writing music with other people and I just wanted full control over all the instruments. Shortly after Embrace the Machine’s first record, Omniarch, I realized I could actually create music and produce so I decided to do that for myself. 


What is something you didn’t expect while starting a recording company?

The idea kind of came about, I was starting to do a lot of projects with other people and I needed a single entity, an umbrella. I didn’t expect the word of mouth to travel. I didn’t really push anything online. 


What’s been the hardest part of Soul Confinement?

Releasing my own music on time because I’m always doing other peoples first. It’s taken a couple of years to inquire what I have now. It’s not hard. Just taking a lot of time and money. 


What’s your background in music? When did it start for you?

It started when I was 15. I was in a deathcore band from Abilene, Cutting Karma. I moved to San Angelo and joined a metalcore band, Her Blackened Heart. We had some member changes and formed XVIA in 2015. In 2016, I then joined, A blessing’s Curse, that I’m still a part of now. We later lost our drummer to XVIA and changed our name to Devour before changing it back after some time. Our vocalist moved to Delaware so we were on a hiatus, but in the meantime we started an internet side project called Dismol. In 2020 I began work on KodiakWulf. A collaboration between a number of artists. We released one E.P and after joined a thrash metal/ black metal band called Demonstruction in 2021 after the lockdown was lifted. I then joined Embrace the Machine in fall of 2021 and we are currently working on a new record. 


At what moment did you realize you wanted to be in a band?

I was raised by musicians on my dad’s side. Pretty much everyone on my dad's side is musically inclined. I saw that at a young age. I was picking up instruments as a toddler. Rather it was on purpose or not, it was bound to happen. 


What do you hope to gain from Soul Confinement? 

I just hope somebody listens to it. I don’t really have any major goals for it. Even if it’s just something I can look back on and say “hey that was cool.” Maybe a live show from it. [haha]


Any upcoming music? 

XVIA will be dropping “The Other World'' in 2023. 

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