Never Rest - Band Highlight

Never Rest - Band Highlight

Never Rest 

Band highlight 


"Never Rest is a 4 piece hardcore band from Austin, TX. Never Rest was started back in late 2018. After a few member changes, we began playing shows in July 2021." 

What brought your band together?

Dustin(guitars) and Zac(drums) moved to Austin in 2014 from opposite ends of Texas. After a handful of years of not doing anything musically, we set out to find like minded musicians to jam/collaborate with. We ended up finding each other through Craigslist and clicked right away. With the addition of Cory(vocals) in early 2018, we finally started to find a sound unique to us and decided to take this project further. Our newest member, Ramey(bass) joined the band earlier this year(2022) and has brought a fresh new energy to the group and we look forward to the future. 

Is there a meaning behind the band name?

With choosing a name for this project as well as the lyric writing process, we want to convey a message that will inspire change and a positive outlook on life. Never Rest, to us, signifies not letting life get you down to the point where you stop all progress or give up on yourself. Everybody has hopes, dreams, and desires, whether it be for themselves, their families, or communities and these things only come with intentional and dedicated effort. We just want everyone to keep striving for what they want, and let them know we’re in their corner. 

What can you tell us about the new Ep?

With this new EP, we felt as though we finally found a certain sound that captures the raw, ominous energy that we’ve always tried to bring out in the writing process. The overall message is to take a look at the world around you and understand that we are never alone. Ideas are nothing unless put to action. Change starts with you. 

The songs themselves touch a variety of topics and emotions. Ghosts is about coming back to a familiar place and confronting the reasons you left in the first place, where songs like “Decay” and “A Cross to Carry” were written at the height of the pandemic and the fallout of the George Floyd and Breonna Taylor murders and are more critical in terms of society and how we interact with each other 

Any shows/tours coming up?

We have dates throughout Texas lined out for 2022. Full fall/winter calendar will be released soon. We are also currently working on hitting the road in 2023. 

End goal:

The bonds we’ve created with each other as well as the friends we’ve made along the way are the driving force behind everything we do. We all come from different places but for each of us music and the music scene was a place for us to come together and belong and we strive to bring that atmosphere and bring that “place” to life everywhere we go. Creating music is an art form like no other and we are truly grateful to be able to share these moments everyone



"Ghosts" Out Now! Available on all streaming services. 


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