Quinten Cook

Quinten Cook

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Quinten Cook


"My name is Quinny. I’m 26, born in Dallas but grew up in Midland. I’ve been doing film photography for almost two years, shooting 35mm the entire time and medium format for maybe half of that."



What sent you in the direction of being a music photographer? 

I went to a hardcore/punk show in some Fort Worth backyard last July where something just clicked. I saw a couple of photographers firing off their flashes and thought to myself, “Wait.. could I do that with film too?” So I picked up a random, old flash at Wall St Antique Mall in Midland and it's been with me ever since. I've loved capturing mosh pits especially, freezing that energy of the crowd and what music does to people.


Do you have any pointers for people that are looking to become photographers, or more specifically, music photographers?

Be patient! Be forgiving with yourself for making mistakes and allow it to be a learning experience. You’re absolutely going to mess up. I still do all the time. Look at those photos you aren’t happy with, think through WHY you don’t like them and how you could’ve executed differently, then go out and try again. Please don’t beat yourself up. 


For a more music photography specific tip I’m having to remember myself as I’m still learning: Think through what shots you want to walk away with. For me, it’s very easy to get distracted at a concert and realize at the end you haven’t even gotten the main shots you might’ve wanted. If it's a small show, house show or DIY venue, it's going to be tight and you gotta just work your way through people to get your angles. 


Ultimately, have fun with it and photograph how YOU want and get shots that make you happy. What's the point of it all if you're not enjoying yourself?


How does film photography change the dynamic of music photography?

Well, you can’t check if things are looking good is probably the main one. Changing your roll of film at the edge of a mosh pit when you’re pinned against a wall is also a challenge lol. I’d also say a film photographer is typically shooting less volume so you might have to be more intentional with your choices. That’s not to say a digital photographer isn’t intentional, but with film you’re limited to the number of rolls you bring and don’t want to run out half way through a show.

Is there anything you wish you knew before becoming a photographer? 

I wish I had known how much I’d enjoy photography and started doing it sooner.


What are your goals as a photographer? 

I’d like to get into large format film photography for sure. Other than that, I want to continue learning and practicing. I’d like to push my creativity and experiment but also improve my skills with the basics. I just love shooting film and look forward to where it’ll take me.


Edwin Aguilar stage diving during Brightburn at Sound Deep Forever
Rusty Bucket, Midland, TX
Camera: Nikon FM2n
Film: Ilford HP5+

Ballista performing at Territoryfest
Killer’s Tacos, Denton, TX 
Camera: Nikon FM2n 
Film: Ilford HP5+

Horizon City performing at the Cactus House 4 Year Anniversary show 
Cactus House, Odessa, TX
Camera: Nikon N2020

Dixon Ricker crowd surfing at the Brightburn “Shattered” music video shoot house show 
Midland, TX
Camera: Nikon FM2n
Film: Expired Kodak Plus-X Pan 125

Bentley moshing at a FLESHROT show 
Cactus House, Odessa, TX
Camera: Nikon FM2n
Film: Cinestill 800T

Mario Carrillo of Brightburn performing at West Texas Fear Fest
Bad Omen Tattoo, Odessa, TX
Camera: Nikon FM2n
Film: Portra 400


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